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Blobs and Baskets and Business Launches, Oh my!

So my niece tells me I need to have a blob, I have no idea what that is really so I hope you all like my first attempt at doing one. Or at least don't think it's too horrible haha!

I'm not sure what I'm supposed to put here exactly so I guess I should just tell you all what I'm up to lol. At 55 I'm taking an adventure into entrepreneurship and chasing my dreams of self-employment, trying my hand at something new and giving it my all. And any of you who know me know I love to gift things so when I saw the opportunity to start this company I just knew I had to do this. I want to build a brand and culture of supporting other local Canadian entrepreneurs and quality vendors, this in turn will bring more money into our communities and economy! I also want to support Indigenous artisans who make amazing products and are largely under-represented in gift shops. I think since COVID happened it's been hard on many Albertans and so many of us are starting our own new ventures we need to collaborate and help each other to keep our economy strong and healthy.

I absolutely can't contain my excitement at this business launch and all that comes with it! Here's what I'm going to be up to over the next week or so:

- Monthly featured product/supplier: Every month I'm going to do an expose on one of my suppliers and their products so that my customers can see the source of the great products they're getting. (This is one of my favorite parts)

- Deals/Coupons/Sales: I'm working on my marketing calendar and getting my sales and goodies ready for you all!

- Baskets: I've got to find a place for all this stuff, haha! My family helped me get my space ready this weekend so shouldn't be too bad but there is ALOT of inventory I've got to get in there. Then I get to start making these beauties :) Thank you to my husband James, son Justin, Grandsons Alexander, Shaun, Christopher, and Dayton for all of your help!

- Finishing the website: A few finishing touches and more products to add and we're all done. I could not have done this without the dedicated help from my wonderful niece Ricki-Lynne Jean, Thank you!

All that should be easy enough though :) stay tuned for more news as I gear up to grand opening day!

Thank you all for your support!

Michelle <3

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Hi Yvette - thank you so much! It’s been a dream of mine for many years. I couldn’t be happier to start this new adventure!


Congratulations on chasing your dreams!

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