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$50 Gift Boxes are gaining interest

Hello Friends & Family,

With so many people on very tight budgets this year I am sure lots of people think they cannot afford to buy a gift box or a gift basket through a company like mine.

That is just not so, we work on any budget. The last two Saturdays I have been promoting 12 - 15 different gift boxes valued at $50 each. Featuring gift giving ideas that your mom & dad, grandma, grandpa, aunties, uncles, nieces, nephews, husbands, wife and friends would love to receive. And they are gaining interest, sales are increasing. They also speed up the sale when a customer sends me a picture and say, hey is this gift box still available.? LOL :) Heck yes, that gift box is still available and I have plenty of stock to make more of those gift boxes for more interested customers.

Thank you so much to all my friends and customers that have supported me and my business in the first few months of my business opening. I really appreciate the communities support and how many people want to support local this year. Each gift basket and gift box is as unique as the people asking for them.

All gift baskets and gift boxes are so much fun do make. I just love packing up the gift baskets and deciding which way to place the items into the basket to make the basket present the nicest and sometimes make it all fit. I hope the people receiving these gifts enjoy them and appreciate the thought and love that comes with each gift received from family and friends.

I'm sure with the countdown on for Christmas that I am going to have more interest this week in my $50 gift boxes. I look forward to helping you make Christmas wonderful for that someone special in your life.

Have a great week friends and family, stay safe everyone!


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