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Blob # 10 Positive Outlooks

I've always been someone who looks at the positive things in every bad situation. You can say, I'm a glass is half full type of girl. I feel that negative things, negative people, negative vibes just bring us down, emotionally and mentally. I choose to be positive and to be happy. Some people struggle everyday with the many events that happen around them. Some of these events they can control and other events are just beyond our control.

Look at all the history we are seen unfold over the last year with the global pandemic not to mention over the last few weeks with the riots at the White House, and the second impeachment of President Donald Trump. Wow, not some great history to be proud about, but history none the less.

Everyday I start my morning by reading some inspirational message, verse or poem. I get inspiration from positive thoughts and beautiful pictures, especially scenic pictures, they are so beautiful and calming. I love to share many of the inspirational messages I find with my friends, family and co-w0rkers. I think we all need to help each other look at the positive things we have. We often forget to be grateful for the little things, like listening to a baby giggles or children play and laughter. Sitting on your back deck and watching and listening to the birds. How about sitting around a campfire, I can not wait for that, and spending time with the people I love. I will be very grateful when we can do that again.

Life has its many ups and downs and I will do my best to help my family and friends to get through tough times. I will continue to walk by your side and help to provide positive support when needed. Stay positive my friends, brighter days are coming our way.

Have a fantastic week my friends, be happy and stay safe.

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