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BLOB # 12 - Valentine's Day, our next big event.

Hello Friends!

I hope you have all had a great week and weekend. Well, everyone is now putting January behind us and now looking forward to what February brings. Of course, Valentine's Day is the next big event that falls this month. February, is the month of love.

It has been a little busy in my workshop. ๐Ÿ˜Š I have been having so much fun making up various Valentine's gift boxes, gift baskets and candy bouquets, yum, yum. ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹ And I have also been planning for a little something special for my hubby and me for Valentines this year. We always go out for a nice Valentine's Day supper, Clark's Eatery has been a popular place for us over the years. We love seafood and they usually have some seafood on the menu for Valentine's and they offer a special Valentine's menu not usually their daily menu. But I have planned something different this year, because of course everything is take out. Do you want to know what I'm planning? Well, we will be having a beautiful Valentine's dinner for 2 delivered all the way out to Riverhurst! We live 20 minutes out of Cold Lake and 30 minutes from Bonnyville, no restaurants will deliver out here in the country, we have to pick up! Lol, that is a big deal for us. So this year, its definitely being catered and delivered. โ˜บ What are your plans this year? I hope you plan something just a little different too.

I am always shopping around for some new items to bring to my gift baskets. Follow my Facebook page to see new products as they arrive. And please friends, if you have any ideas on some great quality Canadian Made products, send them my way. There are so many events that I sell and market to, more suggestions about top quality Canadian Made products are always welcomed and appreciated. I want to give my customers some variety to shop through and offer some great unique and top quality items to try.

Thank you for following me and my weekly BLOB. Until next week my friends, be happy and stay safe! Michelle๐Ÿ’—

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