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BLOB # 13 Exciting Changes are Coming

Hello Dream Chaser Friends,

I'm very appreciative for the feedback from my many Dream Chaser Customers and Friends. Since the startup of my business, I've felt the love & support of my family members and friends. This means the world to me too. Small businesses take time to grow and especially during these times of global uncertainty and job loss, it isn't an easy time for most businesses to start up. I guess, I'm very luck, I am still working a full time job while trying to grow my little home based business. And I don't have added pressure to sell a certain dollar volume every month to cover overhead, it helps to be a home based business.

Many of my customers asked me why my Website didn't have prices posted. Well, initially I wanted to allow customers to select products & items from my product catalogue to customize their gift baskets & gift boxes. While offering a wide variety of products and merchandise to choose from without having to drive all over town to purchase a variety of items for a gift.

Some customers want to see prices, want the ability to order online, and use a check out format. Well, I listened to my customers and my amazing Niece Ricki-Lynne Jean and I am are working to give my customers what they requested. So, over the last few 2-3 weeks we have been busy making these exciting new changes to our Website. Allowing for a better shopping experience for local customers as well as customers from far away to shop 24 hours per day. We are simplifying your shopping so you don't have to contact me for quotes. However, I am more than happy to help you with some great gift giving ideas and suggestions.

In the meantime, this has also given me time to obtain some more great local and Canadian Made products to add to our merchandise and product selection. We are down to the last bit of details needed to be to relaunch our Website. I hope you continue to follow and support us and that you can find some great gifts for all your special occasions. Be happy and stay safe! Michelle💗

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