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BLOB # 15 - My Amazing Artisan Suppliers #3 - Mandie Barker

Hello Dreamers,

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you are having a good week, it has been great for me, I'm feeling pretty blessed. I was fairly busy making Easter Arrangements and had so much fun making them all! I thank all my customers for purchasing an Easter Arrangement this year. But this week I really want to feature another one of my amazing Artisan suppliers.

I know I've said it before, I just love the new friendships I have been making with my artisan suppliers and supporting each others business. You know, I believe we should all support each others small Canadian business by networking and working together.

Part of my business passion is to provide an exposé on my Canadian artisan suppliers, indigenous artists & communities and fellow entrepreneurs. Today is my third Artisan exposé and I'm excited to tell you about my artisan supplier Mandie Barker. Mandie and her husband make these amazing handmade cheese boards, charcuterie boards, hand designed burnt decorative spoons with the design on both sides and other great wooden boards.

I always ask my artisans to share some information about them and their business and the passion they have to make the incredible items they make. As well, pictures featured here today are items that you can purchase directly from Mandi Barker. None of the products display here are in my store or on my Website, so be sure to check out Mandie's website or contact her if you want to purchase any of these great cheese boards, charcuterie boards and display boards.

Here is what Mandie had to tell me about her "Mandies Makes", her little artisan business:

My name is Mandie Barker, I am the owner of a small home business called Mandie's Makes.

I starting my 'crafting life' when my kids were little and I was helping out making things for the school PTA to sell at craft fairs, I made costumes for the stage school my son attended and then just made things for relaxation, as I have a very busy 'day job'!

I have painted glass, made cards, sewn, and much more but the definite passion I discovered was wood burning, not something I had done in my native UK, but definitely my passion now! I make Cheese boards and Charcuterie boards, I burn on wooden spoons, if it's made of wood I can burn on it. I do not use a computer, every one of my pieces is hand drawn, the boards are generally made by my husband and I do the design and then we finish them with either a food safe wax or butchers block oil.

I also do custom items, for weddings etc. I have added some pictures of my work. My website is

Please reach out to Mandie if you would like to purchase any of these amazing cheese boards, Charcuterie boards displayed below.

As well, I have a variety of Mandies Cheese boards and Decorative Spoons available on my website. Wishing you all a fantastic week. Be happy and stay safe! Michelle💗

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Wow. Great story and very talented.

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