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BLOB# 20 New Themed Gift Box/Mailer Boxes

Hello Dream Chaser Friends,

Yesterday I released a brand new feature to my website, New Themed Gift Box/Mailer Boxes! I have spent the last couple of weeks putting the different theme ideas and gift boxes together, taking my pictures and adding all the details to my website. 😁

To start our new features off, with we have added 9 different themes.

Curating new artisan made products on a regular basis and some products many be of limited quantity or availability so be sure to check my website regularly to see what's new available. As well, our Monthly Featured Baskets are now offered at 10% regular price so take advance of our monthly sales.

I have to say that I am pretty proud of myself for adding this new feature to my website on my own. 😄 After all, it was just about a year ago that I started this little business adventure. I had no experience with website design, marketing or business social media. I relied on my niece quite a bit at the very beginning and I am grateful for everything she did to get me set up and started and what she taught me. But I wanted to be capable of handling my website myself. It didn't take me long to step up and take over my website and business marketing and posts and I think I'm doing okay for an old gal. 😁 Thank you for following my blob and my daily posts. Be happy and stay safe! Michelle💗

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