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BLOB#22 Such Incredible Quality & Design

Hello Dream Chaser Fans,

You know, when people say, "you have to see it to really understand just how beautiful they really are". Well, that is so true about all of the Native Northwest merchandise that I have purchased for sale in my gift shop. I have not been disappointed about any of their products so far. Everything is beautifully crafted and so well designed, and really a must to see. I've recently added a whole new selection of great Native Northwest merchandise to our inventory and website to give you more options to choose from.

Did you know Native Northwest products are guided by the following principles:

  • 100% of the art featured on Native Northwest products is designed by Indigenous artists

  • All artists have provided consent and contractual permission for their art to be featured on Native Northwest products

  • Artist names are acknowledged on all product packaging

  • Cultural traditions are honoured by acknowledging cultural affiliation on product packaging

  • Artists are paid fairly in fees and royalties

Their believe that Indigenous artists should be treated fairly and with respect aligns with my own business principles and passion. From each of their exchanges of the sourcing and compensation of Indigenous artists, to their staff and merchants, forms part of a lifelong relationship between Indigenous cultures and the communities that they pledge to honour and respect. Authenticity of art, design, and culture is the foundation to their mission of building everyday connection to Indigenous cultures.

Be sure to check out our Website for all the wonderful selection of Native Northwest merchandise we have to offer. Check back often as our selection changes. Keep up to date on our of our products, follow us on Facebook

Do you have an upcoming event and looking for some great merchandize and prizes? Or are you looking for some employee awards or gifts. Dream Chaser can help you with your order. Contact me today, lets get planning for all your gift giving occasions. or text, message or call 780-207-9191.

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