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BLOB # 27 Springtime Excitement

Hello Dream Chaser Fans!

It's been awhile since my last BLOB. I apologize they are not as often as they should be. I often struggle with what to write about in my BLOB, but springtime brings me some inspirations. Inspirations for new creativity with making my spring easter baskets and excitement in attending some spring markets.

Also inspirations to get my flowers and vegetable seeds started and transplant some that I started a week or two ago. As well as welcoming the sounds of spring birds singing and smells outside around my country home.

After the winter, although mild and lacking the snow that we are accustomed to, spring still is a very welcomed site. Neighbours new baby cows, baby buffalo and other wildlife are starting to immerge from winter. Just the sites of the baby animals jumping and running around playfully brings a smile to my face. The sounds of the birds and fresh smell of spring lift my spirit. The sun is warming and welcomes you to step outside and embrace the beautiful day. For me, this beautiful day means getting my deck cleared off so I can soon set up my patio furniture. And doing a little yard work and planning for a beautiful flower garden this year. I plan to plant way more flowers than every this year because the bee's are struggling to find the nectar they need to survive and to produce the honey we all enjoy.

Some of my friends are excited this spring to leave for their vacations very soon. And a few others are just getting back from tropical vacations. Our snowbirds will be returning home soon too. The true sign of spring, warmer weather, the arrival of the Canada Goose and Robins, oh, and the pussy willows of course. :)

Tell me, what are you excited about this spring?

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