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BLOB # 25 The Only Guide You'll Ever Need to Buying Gifts for New Homeowners

Hello Dreamer Chasers,

When friends and loved ones move, you want them to know you're excited about the change. It might seem old-fashioned, but giving someone a housewarming gift is still appropriate. If you feel baffled when thinking about what you should buy, fear not. There are more amazing presents at your fingertips than ever before.

Practical Gifts

Presents that make getting settled in easier are usually the most appreciated. Since newly arriving residents are bound to shop online for household essentials, they'll probably be receiving packages daily. Shipments on stoops are vulnerable to theft. Give them the gift of safety with parcel delivery boxes. These containers keep parcels dry and safe while homeowners are away. Modern ones lock automatically and inform owners when a delivery arrives by sending a text. Those with audible alarms provide an extra level of security.

Scientists have determined that plants have psychological and physiological health benefits. They reduce stress, improve your mood and purify the air. Many plants require a lot of attention, and you never want to burden recipients with another chore. Send vegetation that requires little effort to keep alive. Garden mums and spider plants are excellent selections.

Since homes don't come with fully stocked refrigerators, new residents tend to eat out a lot. It's nice to have healthy snacking alternatives at the ready while you're unpacking. Send a gift basket of delicious snacks or make one with fruits and vegetables so they'll have easy nourishment available. If possible, source yours from the local farmer's market, thus lending your edible bounty a thoughtful touch.

Remind your recipients that self-care is still important. Send drinks that naturally relieve stress, like infused waters or herbal teas. Add in some relaxing scented candles, a book, and some bath oils, and they’ll get the message.

Whimsical Gifts

Sending money may be a social faux pas, but sending gift cards isn't. If the individuals you're shopping for love video games, buy them credit for their favorite console. Platform-specific gift cards are everywhere, including supermarkets, pharmacies, and big-box stores.

Find out what unique experiences are in the area, and treat them to a dash of diversionary fun. If they're into escape rooms, perhaps there are ones they haven't tried. Maybe they're all about high culture and would prefer tickets to a unique museum or a classical chamber orchestra. A less expensive alternative is a community theater performance, where they might wind up running into neighbors they haven't yet met.

Personalized Gifts

Informing the world that you have a new address is a chore. Make this task easier by gifting a custom return address stamp. You have endless designs to choose from, so pick one that matches your recipients' personalities.

Many online services allow you to create a cornucopia of personalized items. All you need is a digital picture of the happy couple to get started. Choose from pillows and blankets, serving trays and coffee mugs, picture frames, and puzzles. Or make a customized gift box from Dream Chaser that you can fill with creative kitchen and home design pieces.

If you're unsuccessful at securing an image, create a wall hanging that incorporates GPS coordinates of the home. For those taking up residence in another state, consider a piece of artwork that expresses regional pride.

Gift-givers have an overabundance of presents to choose from, all of which are ideal for new homeowners. Now that you know some of what's out there, all you have to do is pick the most appropriate one.

Photo Credit: Antoni Shkraba via Pexels Article written by Julie Morris

Wishing you all a fantastic week ahead! Be happy and stay safe!


Dream Chaser Custom Gift Baskets

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