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Blob #7 Marketing Strategies

Hello Friends & Family,

Wow, another amazing week has gone by, I cannot believe we are already a week into December. Christmas countdown is really under way. :)

I have to admit, when deciding to start up a new business I did not really give marketing and marketing strategies too much thought. I did know I was going to utilize Facebook and Instagram as one of my avenues for marketing, but all of this social media part was and still is over my head, but I am quickly learning! :)

After the wind down of my grand opening, business was fairly quite for the first month, thankfully some of my friends purchased gift baskets and gift boxes to help get me and my business started.

I extremely grateful to my niece who spent countless hours of her time helping me build my Website as well as coming up with some marketing strategies. She is very organized and she plans and budgets herself, so she helped me to get myself set up with a promotions calendar, and helped me to brainstorm some new weekly promotion ideas.

We started the promotions the first week into November. The promotions are fun to come up with and I look forward to sending them out every Monday morning with my daily social post. We started the first promotion in November off with a 10% off sale. Week 2 we offered a free snack in each gift box ordered. Week 3 brought us to our Black Friday sale, we offered 10% off your first gift basket or gift box purchased over $100 value and 15% off your second gift basket or gift box purchased over $100 value. This week orders received a free mug with their purchase. Each week we will come up with new promotions. This weekend I even decided to make up a bunch of $50 gift box ideas and suggestions and posted them on my Facebook page and on a bunch of local buy & sell and virtual markets. Which reminds me, it's about time for me to start planning my January and February promotions here soon. :) Be sure to check out my morning post tomorrow to find out what promotion I'm offering next.

Have a great week friends, please stay safe. Stay home if you can!


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