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BLOB # 8 - Christmas was a Business Successes

Opening a new business takes time, commitment and hard work to get your business up and running. Not to mention all the marketing, advertising and hopefully some great customer referrals. I am committed to responding back to my customers within an hour of receiving text messages or emails. I'm always watching for inquiries from customers, even on Christmas Day & New Year's Day.

Christmas is behind us and I would like to express my sincere appreciation to my new customers and say "thank you" for supporting my new business! :) Since my grand Opening on October 1, 2020 I have made quite a few different gift baskets and gift boxes. Mostly for Christmas, but there have been a few made for birthdays, weddings and bereavement gift boxes. I'm happy with the number gift boxes and gift baskets I made in December, it was a 150% increase in sale from November. :) I would say that is a successful Christmas sale. I am also glad I am able to send a comfort gift box to help cheer someone up who is going through tough times or who needs a little "Thinking of You" pick me up box.

I have been working on getting gift box ideas ready for Valentine's Day. I have some great products that I'm sure will be enjoyed by many and I am still looking for some more great items to add to my Valentine's product list. I have curated Chocolates made locally from Kim's Art Fine Sweet Creations as well as some wonderful award winner Chocolate Bars from The Violet Chocolate Company in Edmonton. I'm still shopping for some more Alberta made/Canadian made ideas to bring in for Valentine's Day so be sure to follow my Facebook page for new product updates.

Wishing you all a fantastic week! Be happy and stay safe!


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