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This week on the BLOB - Social Media OMG - Blob post #4

Well Dreamers... having an on-line business is so different from anything I've done in my full time career and while I'm really loving it I certainly didn't think it came with such a heavy social media workload! I need a serious breaky after all of the learning and work I did this weekend and I feel so very accomplished. With my niece at my side helping out I've been able to learn how to post to Facebook and Instagram directly from my website, send elegant emails, run a promotion, as well as schedule my Blob posts, like this one! BTW if you subscribe to the BLOB right now you get 10% off (promoti0n ends on the 11th!), go to my home page and enter your email address to get in on the savings!

Also new this week are the November Features on the home page! These baskets are curated with some of our most popular items. Get some Gift-spiration and purchase them as is or customize with our various items from our catalogue. There are some great gift ideas and remember, you can always add more items or change any item to suite your taste and occasion and budget.

Next week is going to be exciting so make sure you subscribe as it will be the first week we will be doing an expose on one of our many amazing Canadian suppliers!!

Until then I hope you all have a safe and happy week,

Michelle <3

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