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Blob #6 - Black Friday and Countdown to Christmas during a Pandemic

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Well its been quite an exhausting week with the Governments tougher COVID restrictions and everyone adapting to the changes and challenges brought with it. I've been working from home for my full-time job for 2 full week now. I wear my mask everywhere I go and when making my deliveries and I love parking lots and doorstep deliveries right now. :) This pandemic has been a huge adjustment for everyone and is especially tough on the kids and older folks. But really, who has not been affected by COVID, at work, out in public and even in your own home.

The news hit home especially hard this week on a few family and friends with the offices moving to remote work days and higher grade schools going back to computer based learning. Our grandchildren are upset to be unable to play with their friends....again. We are upset because we haven't been able to see and hug our grandchildren in way too many months. We have family that did catch COVID and luckily didn't have any major affects by it, they were feeling nothing more than a regular cold. Yet, another friend and coworker just lost one of his friends this week to COVID, a younger man too. So the reality of this pandemic hits home more so when you know people who have been affected by it personally.

Yet, with the pandemic this weekend I was also very surprised to see all the parking lots so full at the mall, at Walmart, at all stores in town. Everyone is out Black Friday shopping and Christmas Shopping. Stores are counting heads, and I'm counting cars, because you know I'm not going into those store when there are so many people in there. I grabbed the few things I needed in town and climbed back into my truck and hurried home. I am so glad we live out in the country and I can feel like I can breath again when I get home.

So we held our first "Black Friday" event this week which I feel went fairly well for a new business just recently Opened during a pandemic. :) Now we are are all on our Countdown to Christmas. This week I posted about 20 different gift baskets & gift boxes on the St.Paul Alberta Virtual Market under my #CountdowntoChristmas posts at a variety of different price ranges. Here is the link if you are interested in checking them out, there are lots of entrepreneurs and artisans selling items too -

Shipping orders has increased, I also have been selling some great gift boxes at the $50 range and selling quite a few food baskets over the last few weeks. I truly appreciate all of the support from everyone so far. I am amazed at the number of people interacting with my website and Facebook posts. Thank you so much and I sure hope you all are keeping safe physically and mentally during these times. We will all get through this together and we will all be stronger for it.

Stay safe my friends and family, until next week I hope you have a fantastic upcoming week!


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