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BLOB # 18 Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

Hello Fellow Dreamers,

I have to say that starting my own online Artisan Gift Store and Gift Basket & Gift Box business was a huge step out of my comfort zone and a huge learning curve too. I have spent my career in an office, running businesses for large companies. So running my own business was not a big worry for me when I thought about starting my own home business. But never did I think or imagine all the work I would be putting in on my own Website daily. 🤷‍♀️ Adding new merchandise was a tonne of work. And I still have so much more to add. Check my website often, it really is a work in progress, lol. 😄

Then came the marketing side of things, another thing I had no experience with. Well you have read before that my wonderful niece has been a big part of helping me with setting up a Website for my business, training me on how to navigate and take over managing my Website. And providing me with endless hours of Marketing guidance, ideas and tips. 😍

So last week I was spending some time with our wonderful niece and great-niece and my wonderful niece told me, "Hey Auntie!" "People today want to see your face". 😁 "They want to see live videos of you doing life things", "making baskets", "seeing pictures of you and your business", "doing and interacting in your business" OMG!!! REALLY!!!😳😨OMG!!! Talking about stepping out of my comfort zone!!!

Well, after thinking about it for the week and knowing that my wonderful niece knows alot more about marketing than I do. Friday, I did my very first live Facebook video!! Yup, I actually stepped out of my comfort zone and did a live FB video!! I had a gift basket to make up and I thought to myself, well, you might as well try to do a live post today since I had that gift basket to finish. And so, I did just that! Did you see it? 😁

My very first live Facebook video was of my little workshop area and the gift basket I was going to make. Instantly, as soon as I started to record the live video someone jumped on the video! OMG, I thought, I'm really live, people are watching!! Okay, here we go and I pulled it off, it was amazing!!! I got so much love and great feedback it made me feel pretty good and proud of myself. I was feeling so good that Saturday my daily post was a picture of myself and a bit about me and why I started my business. "The Face Behind Dream Chaser Custom Gift Baskets"!

I guess you are never too old to learn new things. Try new things. Experience new things. As always, I thank my niece for her knowledge and expertise and great job mentoring this old dreamer. Thank you Ricki-Lynne Jean! Love you lots and lots!

Have a fantastic week everyone! Be happy and stay safe! Michelle💗

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