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My Not So Low-Key Countdown - Blob post #2

Well Dreamers, It's a week in and I absolutely cannot believe the reaction from this countdown give-a-way, omg. I didn't plan on it being low-key but the engagement of all of you and the support it's overwhelming really. 1 week ago I was just getting started, and already I've reached so many milestones; 50+ page likes, then 100+ page likes, now pre-orders coming in and happy customers, making new supplier connections. All I can say is wow, my heart is so full <3!

So what's next?

My wonderful husband is building me a brand spanking new work space downstairs as we speak, and my niece has helped me to finish uploading the rest of my basket collections and test the website for user-friendliness. I'd love to know your thoughts! Now we're working on this blob then it's off to put together more pre-ordered baskets. Woo hoo!

Upwards and onwards on this very exciting adventure <3


P.S. - photo is of jewelry by our local supplier eLiasz and eLLa, I'll have more exciting jewelry arriving soon!

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