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BLOB #14 - Never Too Old to Learn New Things

I have to say that since beginning my little Custom Gift Basket business adventure six months ago I have been learning so much, way more than I even thought I would be capable of doing. Believe me, I still have so, so much to learn yet too! But thankfully I have a fantastic marketing coach and so much support from my amazing niece Ricki-Lynne Jean.

Since the middle of February both Ricki-Lynne and I have been working together evenings and weekends, to restructure my website, to allow for a much nicer shopping experience for our customers, by setting up our on linc self-shopping options and express checkout. It takes many, many hours to transition a Website from a catalog booklet to allow for check out shopping options and adding all of our product inventory, product photos, product description and prices.

I have been working on gathering all the product photos, total inventory counts, product information and pricing for all items. Ricki-Lynne has been busy adding them to the on-line store and creating the awesome new checkout feature. So together we had some great teamwork going on. I am extremely grateful for all of her knowledge, guidance and help or I would have to hire someone do this. (She just works for new tires for her car and free suppers from her aunty) :) LOL

I always want to be able to work on my Website and not have to rely on others or hire someone to do this. And, it really is fun and rewarding to me to learn all of the ins and outs of managing my website and business. Of course, I have to give out a big, "THANK YOU" to Miss Ricki-Lynne Jean for teaching this old lady some more tricks today. And also for giving me some more great Marketing tips.

Today was my never too old to learn new things day and I have to say that I am feeling pretty proud of what I learned to do. Today I learned how to add my product inventory and link it to product pictures and add the prices. I still have more products to add so be sure to check our Website often to see what great new products have been added at Follow us on Facebook:

Be happy and stay safe! Michelle💗

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